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Ulpan Aviv is a private Ulpan, specializing in Hebrew learning programs on an individual level. Their educational system involves several key features that set their learning method apart from other programs, the main difference being the fact that learning takes place on a one-to-one basis. The courses are tailor-made to fit the needs of individual students and cover a wide range of subjects, with a special focus on conversational skills.

Ulpan Aviv offers you the option to learn Hebrew online, but you can also choose to go to school for face-to-face lessons. Ulpan Aviv has branches in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and several other cities in Israel.

Do you need to learn Hebrew for work? Or do you have a desire to reach a higher level of integration into the rich, complex, and unique culture that Israel offers? Whatever your motive for learning, Ulpan Aviv designs a course tailored to your specific needs to help you to accomplish your goals.

How it works

Learning Hebrew is a step-by-step process, which is why the learning process is divided into competency levels – six in total. Each level is named after one of the letters in the Hebrew ‘Aleph Bet’.

Upon registration, a comprehensive evaluation of your knowledge of the Hebrew language will take place. Based on this evaluation, Ulpan Aviv will design a study kit catering to your needs and expectations.

Individually taught in a familiar language

Hebrew courses at Ulpan Aviv take place in a one-on-one setting. Courses are taught in a language that both teacher and student speak, meaning that students hear explanations (grammar, spelling, context, et cetera) in a language they understand, furthering comprehension. Courses are specifically designed per student and are ideal for people visiting Israel for a short period of time, for example, tourists, or people visiting relatives.

Higher level courses (Gimel and up) usually take place over a longer period of time due to the complexity of the material. Ulpan Aviv provides both auditory and written course material (books, articles, etc.), which is carefully selected with the interests and preferences of the individual student in mind.

Student Locker

Workbook & cd’s

Sefer Hapoal – Grammar guide

Sihon booklet – Ulpan Aviv’s conversation manual


35$ per lesson  (200$ / 1 month course)

How to choose your level?

Ulpan Aviv offers students a free evaluation of their skills prior to starting their course, to determine their level and to be able to develop an accurate progress plan.

Level 1 - ALEPH

Beginner level. Limited vocabulary and limited reading & speaking skills

Level 2 - BET

Beginner+ level. Broad enough vocabulary to hold a simple conversation, more competent in reading.

Level 3 - GIMEL

Intermediate level. Good passive knowledge of Hebrew, already able to understand a lot. Focus on transforming passive knowledge into active knowledge.

Level 4 - DALET

Advanced level. Can conduct conversations and speak more fluently using standard vocabulary. Formal language (e.g. newspapers) is still challenging at this stage.

Level 5 – HEH

Advanced+ level. Fluent speaking, looking to finetune Hebrew language skills. Focus on more official written Hebrew and language usage in other formal situations.

Level 6 - VAV

Fluent level. All skills (comprehension, conversation, reading, and writing) are well developed. Focus on complex written Hebrew structures used in Israeli literature.

  • Offers one-on-one teaching, courses composed to match your experience
  • Includes study materials
  • Learning at your own pace, taking the lessons in the order of your choice
  • Ideal for those who are only visiting Israel for a relatively short period of time
  • Expensive compared to other options
  • No independent reviews available
  • Not accredited
  • No examples of lessons to see the course in action
  • No additional resources or an online community where students can practice language and interact with each other