Rosen School of Hebrew Review

University Accredited
Officially accredited by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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The Rosen School of Hebrew is a part of the eTeacher group, one of the largest online language academies in the world. The School, a prestigious academy specializing in online learning of modern Hebrew, partnered with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to guarantee the quality of teaching. All course teachers are native Israelis and certified to teach at ulpan, an officially recognized and government subsidized learning institute.

The sessions take place in small groups of students from all over the world. Interaction is an important and fun part of the learning experience and to do so, participants can share their screen, chat and speak with the teacher and other participating students.

All course instructions are in Hebrew, so you start talking and practicing Hebrew straight from day one.

The Rosen School of Hebrew in Numbers

How it works

Rosen School of Hebrew combines pre-made lesson plans and learning materials with live instructions from certified teachers in an online setting.

Lessons take place at several different times a day during the week and on Sundays. Students can choose their preferred class times when signing up. Groups meet once a week for a 55 minutes long class, for a total period of nine months. Small homework assignments are part of the course; your work will be evaluated and you’ll receive feedback from the teacher. The service also offers weekly enrichment sessions and homework assistance, both of which take place in a Q&A setup. The classes are also available for download which gives you the option to watch or rewatch them at a convenient time.

The teaching method, known as Ulpan, was first used when Israel was founded in 1948 in order to teach immigrants the Hebrew language. The method uses only Hebrew and is directed at teaching basic vocabulary, with a special focus on common words and phrases, holidays, traditions and cultural aspects.

Student Locker

Recording Archive – all lessons are recorded and readily available.

Q&A and live practice sessions – a weekly teacher moderated session for Q&A and group discussions.

Webinars - enriching your knowledge and study experience

Homework checks by staff members. Checked homework will be uploaded to the student’s personal account.

24/7 techsupport

How to choose your level?

Alphabet and Basic Language

Beginning with the alphabet, basic language concepts are introduced, familiarizing you with the foundations of Hebrew.

Objects and Expressing Feelings

Expand your vocabulary, focusing on common topics like the weather, clothing and food. You will practice these words, using basic grammar to ensure you continue building a solid base in Hebrew.

Grammar and Israeli Slang

Start to see an improvement in your speaking skills as we continue exploring grammar; introducing new verb groups and practicing them. Your ability to express yourself in Hebrew will improve with each lesson.

Explore Hebrew Texts

Part of every language is its literature. We will guide you through songs, short stories and poetry, simultaneously enriching your vocabulary while giving you a better understanding of Israeli culture.

Israeli History and Travel

A language is a product of its history. With each new text we read, your Hebrew world will expand, revealing to you the richness of the language, allowing you to build a richer vocabulary, and strengthening your grammar.

Hebrew Through Israeli Literature

Open your eyes and heart to Israel through its culture, history, and literature with a more advanced level of Hebrew. With each new song and short story we read, you will learn more grammar and expand your vocabulary.

Read an Israeli Newspaper

Continue reading Hebrew literature and immerse yourself in Israeli culture while enriching your language. From newspaper articles to classic literature and poetry, appreciate the richness of this world.

Hebrew Through Current Events

At this stage, you’ll find yourself enjoying newfound Hebrew proficiency. Reading the newspaper, listening to current events, and speaking about different topics is the ultimate proof of your language success.


Connie Sanders

“E-Teacher is an excellent interactive learning program. My teachers have been patient and helpful and encourage me to learn. The recorded lessons are downloadable so you can save them and listen to them and review what you have learned. I have met a lot of interesting people and have made some good friends as well!”

Teodora Kalcheva

“This is a wonderful way to study Hebrew. The teacher Rochalle Eliyahu is a magnificent one. She helps a lot. If I decide to continue with the next level, I will do it only if she is my teacher again. Keep doing the e- teaching.”

Elizabeth Buckley

“All my teachers have been very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I love that I am in class with people from all over the world. Not only can I study and talk with them but thanks to video also see them. It’s been a wonderful experience and I now can speak Hebrew!”

Maria Schiavone

“I always look forward to our weekly meeting with Nurit Aviv and the other students in the class. She is a great teacher and also tries to help us with our technical issues. I would most certainly recommend these courses to anyone who has an interest in the Hebrew language, culture and history.”

Yael Hickok

“I spoke fluent Hebrew as a young child but then forgot it when we lived in the US. For many years I have tried to re-learn it on my own, but the Rosen program has put my learning on the fast-track. The digital book is very helpful and the Malka has been an amazing and very patient teacher.”

  • eTeacher works together with the Hebrew university, a well-respected institute worldwide.
  • The method received many positive reviews and currently has a Trustpilot rating of 5 stars.
  • A wide range of courses to choose from, tailored to your level and experience.
  • Forums and homework checks are strongly recommended by users.
  • Study materials arrive on time, well before classes begin.
  • Courses are difficult, but make language learning fun.
  • Opportunities for one-on-one learning are available.
  • The requested commitment per course is relatively long (9 months).
  • The website offers no pricing information.